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    K T Rajashekhara


    K T Rajashekhara, founder and Managing Director of SRS Travels has become a legend in his own time what with acceleration and diversification of the transport business in rapid succession. SRS Travels can rightly be called a transport empire as it has become a complex, multifaceted organization involved in numerous areas of transport operations.

    SRS Travels was active in the passenger transportation for several years even before it was formalized in the year 1971. It was K T Rajashekhara who took over the reins of the passenger transport operations from his ancestors and formally ushered in the organization as it is now famously known as SRS Travels.

    Accordingly, SRS Travels under the leadership of its Managing Director K T Rajashekhara has been serving the cause of passenger transportation for more than 4 decades and is being extensively diversified and actively engaged in the following areas of operations.

    1. Employee commutation
    2. Intercity bus transportation
    3. Tourist transportation
    4. Stage carriage operations
    5. Logistics

    Thanks to the foresight and single minded involvement of KTR (as K T Rajashekhara is popularly known in the industry circles), SRS Travels has grown and is growing into a mammoth organization with 5000 employees serving as on date. KTR has deployed a large fleet of vehicles for the following operations.

    1. Employee commutation – 4500 coaches and cabs
    2. Intercity bus transportation – 500 coaches
    3. Tourist transportation – 150 coaches
    4. Stage carriage operations – 50 coaches
    5. Logistics – 100 trucks

    With a view to ensure proper control over operations and to serve the travelling public, KTR has established major presence in 11 states and further expansion is in the pipeline.

    Owing to his immense popularity in the industry, KTR is represented on the boards of the following trade related organizations.